“For visitors, figuring out how to relax and fit into this languorous city can provoke anxiety. Now there is an amusing guidebook from a U.S.-born writer based in Rio that helps ease the strain. 'How to Be a Carioca' . . . is as much a compendium of tongue-in-cheek observations about her adopted hometown as it is a handbook for the newcomer.”

“A funny, smart alternative guide that captures the Carioca mentality perfectly.”

“For travellers, it’s hard to avoid looking like nervous gringos amid the tanned, confident Cariocas (Rio natives). One humorous guidebook that offers the inside track on how this town works is 'How to Be a Carioca' by Priscilla Goslin -- essential reading if you want to fit into the landscape here.”

“Priscilla invented a genre and the result is very maneiro (interesting) -- for those who don't know, the pronunciation is mah 'nay rroo . . . The book exposes Carioca whims through subtly accurate observations . . . Carioca humor at its best.”

—JÔ SOARES - humorist, talk-show host, and best-selling author

“'How to Be a Carioca” has become a best seller among the tourists who arrive in Rio thinking they are going to encounter parrots and sombreros in profusion.”

“Complete with hilarious observations, 'How to Be a Carioca' is pleasing the tourists as well as the Cariocas, surprised by the precise observations of their habits on the part of a foreigner.”

“A sociological treatment about Rio de Janeiro has just been published and nobody realized it! No maps, no tourist routes. Instead, a commentary about the most incoherent city in the Milky Way galaxy . . . A best seller has been born.”

“For the majority of tourists, visiting Rio without calling attention to themselves is almost a mission impossible. But now they can count on a priceless manual: 'How to Be a Carioca.'”

“The book of the moment . . . A result of well-humored, sociological observations, the book demystifies in detail Carioca behavior for the benefit of unwitting foreign tourists.”

“The launching of 'How to Be a Carioca' couldn’t have been better for the author. On book-signing night, the first edition was already sold out.”

“Priscilla . . . paints a well-humored picture of the city to help her fellow countrymen get around in Rio.”

“A SUCCESS . . . Much commented . . . a manual of tips for the foreign tourist who falls in love with the city and wants to better integrate with the Carioca way of being.”

“In love with Rio . . . Priscilla Ann Goslin, a resident for twenty-two years, has written a guide which bridges the gap between the tourist and the Carioca.”

“Book by gringa that teaches tourists how to pass as Cariocas leads the pack of new books . . . Aimed primarily at gringos who want to avoid humiliating experiences . . . the most perfect translation of carioquês.”

“Priscilla made the permanent contact with the land of the tropical climate into a true lifestyle. The result is on the pages of the humorous work of art 'How to Be a Carioca' -- a success in the city’s bookstores.”

“Together with Carlos Carneiro, a talented illustrator, Priscilla Ann Goslin included in this very well structured book all that the tourist would like to know upon arriving in the Cidade Maravilhosa -- what is being said, what is happening and how he should be behave while in Rio.”

"The alternative guide for the tourist in Rio reveals, in a humorous way, the soul and the emotions of the everyday life of the Carioca."


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